Day’s Jewelers

I partnered with Day’s Jewelers to create a custom Mothers Day Necklace! When they reached out, I knew it was a perfect fit because both mine and my husband’s wedding rings are from there! Even though dog moms are included, I couldn’t help but think that I had to get my mom involved too because after all she is my mother and this is for Mothers Day! Plus after suddenly loosing our beloved Tavish at the beginning of March, I thought she also deserved a special custom Mother’s Day necklace! We went in together to start the design process and of course we brought Jax along with us!

While my mom and I were in @daysjewelers designing our custom Mother’s Day Necklaces, this is what Jax was doing: soaking up all the attention from the employees and customers while playing with his new ball! Glad he had fun with it when he did because he’s already destroyed it and it’s in the trash.

I’d say its safe to say Jax LOVES his ball from Day’s!

Not sure who was more excited to be picking up our custom Mother’s Day necklaces at @daysjewelers! We were brave (or crazy🤪) and brought all three dogs in with us this time! I was pretty nervous but everyone at @daysjewelers is so nice and they even brought out treats, toys and water for the pups!

I’m a very indecisive person but my mom is not. She new exactly what she wanted when we started the design process! She’s getting a simple and beautiful white gold bar necklace with “Joyful Goldens” on it.

I on the other hand went full on dog mom for my necklace! I’m getting a white gold layered heart shaped necklace, the top layer is an outline of a heart that will say “dog mom” on it and the second layer is a full heart that has ALL my dogs names on it! I kept asking if they could put a paw print on it but the company we were ordering from wasn’t able to do that-however, the wonderful people at Day’s is going to add one on the back of the necklace because they knew how much I wanted to include a paw print! Yay!

I think Ali might have stolen the show when we brought all the pups into @DaysJewelers in Augusta to pick up our custom Mother’s Day necklaces! Jax was too busy playing with all the toys they gave them and Jasper was too busy trying trying to steal a toy away from Jax to get good photos taken of them. But Ali was putting on a show for everyone! Ali’s favorite thing is to play ball and you can see his eyes light up every time someone picks up the ball to throw for him!

Thank you @DaysJewelers for being so welcoming, pet friendly and of course for the beautiful necklaces!

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