4th Foster Dog – Hillary

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Hillary was our most challenging foster dog yet. She was a ball on anxiety for most of her time with us.. don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t unhappy with us. But she basically spent her WHOLE life (6 years) in a shelter so her anxiety was 100% understandable.

Here is a little background from @caramississippi, the shelter she was in:
“Hillary came to the shelter at 6 months old back in 2013. After being featured on Hallmark Pet Segment a few months ago, she still received no applications. She was adopted locally by a couple who brought their dog in to meet her. After only two weeks, the family decided her anxiety caused behavioral issues they were unable to cope with, and she was returned. She then went to an experienced foster so we could fully assess her quirks and help her transition to life outside of the shelter. She then spent a couple weeks at Chipper and Coco to help introduce her to more new people and situations. There, the @MainelyMutts girls met her, and we shared the details all of her peculiarities. We were so thrilled when they committed to helping her through this and finding her the right home.” 🏡

Since she spent most of her life in a shelter everything was new to Hill. She didn’t like walking through door ways, I’m not kidding when I say we had to drag her into the house every single time she went out for the first 2-3 weeks she was with us. I think she thought she already spent too much time indoors at the shelter and just wanted to spend as much time as she could outside. At first we tried all of the positive reinforcement techniques we could think of but it was winter and after a while we had to just get her inside.

She also LOVES food and will even dance for her meals (it’s really, really cute!) plus she’s easy when taking treats from our hands. She picked up our schedule pretty quickly and every day she gets more comfortable around us! She has really come a long way since she moved in with us and now she will play with chew toys on her own and isn’t afraid to start playing with my dogs. She gets really excited when you put her harness on her because she knows that means she is going outside and she also does great riding in the car!

Under all that anxiety, Hillary is such a good and sweet girl who deserves to spend the rest of her life being loved and spoiled! She is pretty shy at first but once she warms up to you, you’ll find that she loves to snuggle and get some love.

It was a bittersweet day as we said goodbye to our sweet Hill Hill! I’m happy to say after spending 47 days with us, she finally found her perfect forever home! Now she is living the good life on the coast of Maine and I couldn’t be happier for her! When we brought her to her new home she immediately seemed way more comfortable than she did at our house, even with her new brother. Just like it was meant to be.

The awesome ladies of @mainelymutts have done an amazing job once again! Thanks for trusting us with this pup! I also want to thank the staff at @caramississippi for keeping this girl safe (for her whole life) until she came to Maine! You all rock! 🙌

Congratulations to Hillary & her wonderful forever family! 🥳

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