2018 Highlights and Happy New Year!

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We would first like to thank everyone for following our adventures through our Instagram pages! Here are our top 9 photos from each account for 2018:

We had such an awesome year and we are so grateful for every moment of it! First of all we brought Jasper home at the end of March, had a puppy party/reunion with Jasper’s litter mates in June, went on some really fun adventures including visiting friends from Rangeley to Boston!

We went camping at Cathedral Pines and at Matagamon Wilderness Campground. Hiked trails up mountains, to waterfalls and to the ocean as well as through a bog & dense forest that would make Mother Nature proud! We floated the East Branch of the Penobscot River and spent a ton of time paddle boarding in the Sandy River and at our favorite secret swimming hole!

We collaborated with some awesome brands including 250 Main Hotel, Nestle Poland Springs, Daniel Wellington, United Pets US, Gaston Luga, Pet Kind/Canada Fresh, Soufeel Jewelry, Artist Averil Burner & Insta360 One!

October was a BIG month for us, not only did Dave and I get married (yay!!) but I also gave my two weeks notice at my job at the Credit Union so I could focus on my dream job, health and dogs!

Since then I have been working really hard on setting up my new business Joyful Goldens and creating content that makes you smile! So far it has been so much fun and I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring!

To start the year off right we are excited to announce that we have made our first product; a Joyful Goldens Wall Calendar for 2019! Trust me when I say it was not easy picking only 13 photos to use but we did our best and hope you love them!

If you are interested, you can purchase one here: Buy a Joyful Goldens 2019 Wall Calendar

We hope 2019 brings more adventures, puppies & joy!

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250 Main Hotel

Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Maine, Pet Friendly Travel, Photography

Our first visit to 250 Main Hotel was when Jasper was just 12 weeks old and we had so much fun! First of all its on Main Street in Rockland and everything about the place makes you feel like royalty! So we were pretty excited when our favorite pet friendly hotel said they wanted us to come back!

Before checking in we decided to go for a hike at Camden Hills State Park. It was steep for us and also very icy, but we made it to the summit! After enjoying the view, we took a few photos and then made our way back down the mountain.

It was dark by the time we checked into the hotel but that didn’t stop us from checking out the view from the rooftop deck! Not only is Main Street lit up with beautiful Christmas lights, but right in front of the hotel there was the coolest lobster trap Christmas tree that had us in awe!

We received a very sweet welcome back note from the manager Ruth and the rest of the wonderful 250 crew. Plus they set out doggie bags, dog treats and coupons to The Loyal Biscuit Co., a healthy pet food & self serve dog wash pet store which is just a little ways down Main Street!

We spent the night on a very comfortable king sized bed that the dogs loved to jump on and off, our whole time there. We woke up to watch the sunrise come up over the ocean from the rooftop deck but it was too cloudy to see. We quickly enjoyed the view and then went back inside to warm up! After that, we braved the cold once again and took the dogs out for a walk. Before checking out, we took advantage of the beautiful morning light by capturing photos in a few different rooms!

We had such a great time in this beautiful pet friendly boutique hotel! Perfect place to stay whether your from Maine and need a staycation or if your traveling here!

Click here for more information about 250 Main Hotel in Rockland, Maine.

Check out photos from our first visit when Jasper was only 12 weeks old!

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Christmas Puppies

Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Maine, Photography

When Jasper was just 3 weeks old we brought a red and white Christmas tree skirt to set all the puppies on for some photos. The pups were so tiny that we were afraid to even touch them- WHAT IF we accidentally hurt one?? Luckily they were so cute, we were able to pull ourselves together and play with these sweet tiny pups. 😉

They stole our hearts the moment we saw them. We never wanted to leave these pups, we would stay for about an hour and a half every visit.

We tried to set all 12 of them up in a long line… however every time we set one down, they would immediately move and climb on top of each other. Since we didn’t want to disturb them much and let’s be honest, they look adorable doing ANYTHING, we just let them be.

I just love photographing these amazing little dogs! It’s definitely a dream of mine to be able to photograph puppies and I’m so grateful this is what I get to do!!

I have so many ideas ready to go for the next time I get to photograph some adorable golden puppies!

Here are a few of the best photos we got back in February 2018:

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A Golden Christmas

Golden Retrievers

Last year Dave and I spent what felt like FOREVER trying to get just one good Christmas photo of Jax and Tavish for their Instagram pages. Just about everything that could go wrong, would go wrong for us (Murphy’s law) and I’m pretty sure I left the house thinking we didn’t get any good photos. Thinking about it now all I can think is how easy it was to get two dogs to sit for us compared to the four dogs we try to pose now!

Anyways we ended up with some pretty cute photos of Jax and Tavish plus a few with Ali. The one with Jax and Tavish wrapped up in Christmas lights with their eyes closed is our most popular photos to date! It has been shared more than a few hundred thousand times and been featured on some big social media pages! I love the photo but had no idea how much everyone else would love it either! Sometimes the photos I think are going to do awesome, don’t and the photos I think no one will really like but its all I have to post, do amazing!

Taking these photos with Jax at just over a year old had made us wish we would have taken Christmas photos when my mom first brought Jax home in January 2017. Seriously, what were we thinking?! It was only a few weeks after Christmas and it would have been so easy to leave a few decorations up for photos! But we didn’t and we missed out on a bunch of what I can only imagine to be very adorable puppy Jax photos.

I made sure I didn’t miss the opportunity to take Christmas photos of Jasper when we brought him home at the end of March 2018! During his first two weeks with us, we set up an artificial Christmas tree and took photos as often as we could. I wish we had taken more but let’s be real, when working with dogs, you do things on their schedule, not yours. Plus Jasper was only 8-10 weeks old so when we told him to sit and stay he looked at us funny and then completely ignored us.

To make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for all of us, we would bring all 4 dogs outside to try to get some of their energy out before trying to get them to sit still for photos. That only works half the time though because we tire out WAY before the dogs do.

We also keep their favorite treats and toys near by to get their attention but by the time you get one dog sitting still and where you want him, another dogs moves or stops cooperating. Our photo shoots usually take about an hour or so, we make sure to take breaks in between and we usually end up saying “lets just try one more time” about 3 times before we stop.

It’s definitely not easy and even with all the frustrating moments that photographing these 4 amazing dogs bring, I just love photographing them. Every photo shoots brings us closer and leaves us with memories that are now really funny to look back at. Some moments take us longer to laugh about but we always end up laughing!

We tried to recreate the photo of Jax and Tavish wrapped in Christmas lights with Jasper and Ali but it (like every other photo shoot) did not go as planned. We may not have captured what I was going for but still got a few cute photos from it!

Do you try to take photos of your dogs?
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