Jax’s 2nd Birthday!

Golden Retrievers

So crazy to think back to two years ago, before we knew Jax was born and going to be coming home with us in 8 weeks. Things were so different!

I remember being meeting Jax and his 5 other litter mates for the first time when they were only 2 weeks old! There were 2 males and 4 females and they were all ADORABLE! I left there with sever puppy fever and feeling high on puppy breath!

Last year Jax’s 1st birthday was on Thanksgiving so we took a couple of photos for Instagram and I made the video below of his first year with us. Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy narrowing down my favorite clips to only 5 minutes but I did the best I could!

Watch the video here!

This year we took some photos a couple of days before his actual birthday because it is on Black Friday and most of our family had to work. I did go over to let them all run around and play in the snow for a couple of hours on his actual birthday. Not only did they have fun but so did I! They always make me laugh…except for when they are not listening to me! Haha

Below are photos from both days!

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