Some people don’t understand why my dogs mean so much to me. That’s ok. My dogs do!

Hi, my name is Alissa and these are my joyful goldens!

I’m a dog mom lifestyle photographer and content creator born and raised in Central Maine! My most popular Instagram account is Joyful_Jax and I love to create joyful content featuring dog friendly places, products or services that make our dog crazy lives easier!

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Adoptable Rescue Dog

Adorable and adoptable Hillary!

Hillary is such a good and sweet girl who deserves to spend the rest of her life being loved and spoiled! She is shy at first but once she warms up to you, you’ll find that she loves to snuggle and get some love. She also LOVES food and will even dance for her meals (it’s really, really cute!) plus she’s easy when taking treats from our hands.

She picked up our schedule pretty quickly and every day she gets more comfortable around us! She has really come a long way since she moved in with us and now she will play with chew toys on her own and isn’t afraid to start playing with my dogs. She gets really excited when you put her harness on her because she knows that means she is going outside and she also does great riding in the car!

Keeping in mind that she has spent 6 of her 6 1/2 years in a shelter, she still has a lot to learn so I think she would do well with another dog in the house to show her how things work. She is also crate and house trained.

She is a really good dog, she just needs someone who will be patient with her.

Hillary is adoptable through Mainely Mutts Animal Rescue.

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